Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Stage Specific Stage Electrical Chain Hoist


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Where is the inverted electric hoist used

Category : V7 Stage Electric Series

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  Where is the inverted electric hoist used

  Inverted electric hoist is actually a description of its usage method.

  Common ones include stage electric hoists and climbing electric hoists.

  The stage gourd is usually made of aluminum alloy material, which makes it lighter in weight and easier to operate during installation and storage.

  Its entire body is black, which is done because it is not easy to reflect light when used on stage with lighting. Black is also easier to hide and will not affect the overall layout of the stage. This type of gourd is equipped with a chain storage bag, and the chain will not be exposed outside. Moreover, this type of gourd is a two-way gourd that can be used for both vertical and vertical hanging.

  The feature of the upside down hoist with a climbing frame is that the chain is made of manganese steel material, which has good load-bearing capacity, slow running speed, and is easier to use synchronously. According to the size of the climbing frame, dozens of units are often used together. Because this type of gourd has a relatively large weight and a large quantity. Hanging upside down is for the convenience of installation on the climbing frame. Workers drag the chain for installation, which is much more labor-saving than dragging the gourd head for installation.

  It can be said that different models of gourds are constantly improving according to customer requirements, in order to better meet their usage needs.

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