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Electric hoists on stage can enhance the presentation of dance beauty

  • 2023-12-15

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Electric hoists on stage can enhance the presentation of dance beauty

When we set up the stage, our goal is to present a more dazzling stage to the audience. In addition to the lighting and sound equipment on stage, the scheduling of equipment on stage and the lifting of props are also very important aspects.

The stage electric hoist is a commonly used tool for setting up stages and designing dance effects. It has the lifting effect of traditional electric hoists, and some new features make it more suitable for the stage's usage environment. Firstly, its appearance is characterized by the use of special coatings, which allow it to reflect the stage lights with a lower probability, thereby minimizing the impact on the stage lighting effect; Meanwhile, its low-noise operation is also one of the highlights. The low-noise operation mode ensures that it does not affect the sound effect of the live stage during operation; Not only that, its position is more concealed, ensuring the effectiveness of the stage while also playing a role in lifting stage props and other effects.

The stage electric hoist can present a better stage effect and help us lift heavy objects better and faster.