Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Classification Description

  The W12 series products are stage specific electric hoists, also known as self climbing electric hoists, which can achieve two lifting methods: front hanging or reverse hanging. They are mainly suitable for fixed installation in the field of commercial stage construction, shopping mall banner lifting, and are used for stage construction/mobile performances, stage scenery, sound, and lighting layout banner lifting.

  It can be designed with single control or multi machine linkage to meet your various operational needs.

  To achieve the ultimate lightness, the entire machine shell adopts aviation aluminum die-casting aluminum technology, which is corrosion-resistant, never rusts, high sealing, safe and convenient, lightweight, and good heat dissipation.

  Maintenance-free gearbox with multi-layer gear transmission, gears made of high carbon steel material, grade 6 accuracy, gear grinding process, quiet and safe operation, and gearbox with complete oil valley lubrication. After sealing, it can achieve lifelong maintenance free.

  Equipped with temperature regulation function and ultra long lifespan. The motor adopts German technology embedded motor and maintenance free electromagnetic disc brake. It can be released immediately after power failure, and the brake is safe and reliable to lock. The brake is completely enclosed and maintenance free, meeting the requirements of harsh working environments.

  The overall strength of the machine can reach a safety factor of 8.2 times. Adopting two 14n. m electromagnetic brakes and a dual brake system to ensure product safety and brake accuracy, minimizing errors during synchronous control.

  The protection level is IP56, with waterproof design, and has completed the test of soaking in rain and water.

  Through self-developed integrated circuit boards, the product comes with upper and lower limit switches, and is equipped with adjustable limit blocks to adjust the limit distance according to needs, saving a cumbersome control line.