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The "Invisible Cloak" of Stage Electric Hull

  • 2023-12-18

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The "Invisible Cloak" of Stage Electric Hull
The stage electric hoist is a commonly used lifting tool when building a stage. It has a compact appearance and is easy to use, which can easily help us lift heavy objects. Not only that, during performances, the props on stage can also be lifted and lowered using it. However, on stage, no matter how bright the lights are, the stage electric hoist seems to be "invisible". What's going on?

When designing the stage electric hoist, we took into account the usage needs on stage, and specially designed a customized "invisibility cloak" for it, which is a special spray paint. After this spray paint is applied to the surface, the stage hoist looks like it is "invisible". In the environment illuminated by stage lights, it will not reflect light. At the same time, the black color can help it better "hide" itself, Will not affect the overall stage effect; Not only that, this spray paint can also better protect the electric hoist, avoiding corrosion and rust.

The invisibility cloak of the stage electric hoist helps it to move around better on stage, presenting exciting performances behind the scenes.