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Why should the stage hand hoist work environment be dust proof

  • 2023-12-19

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Why should the stage hand hoist work environment be dust proof

The stage hoist often operates in outdoor environments and inevitably comes into contact with a large amount of dust. Dust not only affects our physical health, but in severe cases, it can also affect the normal operation of the stage hoist. Improper cleaning can also affect the lifespan of the stage hoist. Is it really so serious?

Before using the stage empty chain hoist for lifting, if there is too much dust, it will affect people's vision and increase the danger of lifting. This requires stopping work and cannot be carried out in an environment with unclear vision; After using the stage chain hoist, the surface of the stage chain hoist should be cleaned of dust. If necessary, other tools should be used to clean the internal dust to prevent dust from corroding the components of the stage chain hoist.

Preparing for dust prevention can improve the safety of lifting during the operation process. Improper use or inadequate maintenance can also affect the safety of stage chain hoist lifting.