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Do not use stage gourds in violation of regulations

  • 2023-12-18

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Do not use stage gourds in violation of regulations

Stage gourds are divided into two types: stage electric gourds and stage chain gourds, mainly used for stage construction, prop lifting, and other aspects. When using stage gourds, users need to be cautious and avoid using them in violation of regulations. So, which operations are considered illegal use of stage gourds?

1. Do not check before use. If safety checks are not conducted before using the stage gourd, potential problems with the stage gourd cannot be detected in a timely manner, and there is a high possibility of situations beyond the user's control during use.

2. Overloading. When overloading the use of stage gourds, heavy objects are likely to fall, leading to accidents.

3. Diagonal tension. A stage gourd, like a chain gourd, cannot be pulled or hung at an angle, otherwise the lifted weight will shake and in severe cases may even fall.

4. The speed of improvement is too fast. When using stage gourds, if the lifting speed is too fast, it is likely to cause heavy objects to shake, which can easily cause danger.

When using the stage hoist to lift heavy objects, users need to be careful and not use the stage hoist in violation of regulations, in order to ensure the personal safety of actors and staff on stage.