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Be sure to do these tasks well before using the multifunctional hoist

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Be sure to do these tasks well before using the multifunctional hoist

The multifunctional hoist is a type of wire rope electric hoist, with a rated lifting capacity ranging from 300-600kg to 1000-2000kg. It can be used in various places on the ground and in the air, and is very efficient and convenient. Before use, it is important to do the following:

1. Before using the multifunctional hoist, carefully check whether all parts are intact and undamaged, whether the oil level and specifications of the gearbox meet the requirements, and whether all lubrication components have oil. The general gearbox uses No. 30 engine oil, and the sliding bearings are lubricated with yellow dry oil.

2. Before use, check if the brake is flexible and reliable, and then manually turn the transmission system to check for any obstacles in rotation. Only after confirming that there are no errors can it be started for use.

3. The placement location of the multifunctional hoist should be equipped with a rain shelter, and the base should be raised with wooden blocks to prevent the electrical part from becoming damp and affecting normal lifting operations.

4. Operators should pass the exam and hold a certificate to work. It is important to understand the structure and performance of the multifunctional hoist, and be familiar with the lifting command signals. Pay attention and command carefully during operation, and do not leave the position without authorization. Truly achieve the "three non opening", that is, the signal is unclear and cannot be opened; Current overload does not turn on; Someone is unable to open the guide pulley and running rope.

5. When towing heavy objects, the number of remaining turns of the steel wire rope on the drum of the multifunctional hoist should not be less than 4 to ensure safety.

6. It is strictly prohibited to overload the multi-functional hoist to prevent personal and equipment accidents.