Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Why does a chain hoist get stuck?

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  Why does a chain hoist get stuck?

  When using a chain hoist to lift goods, there is a situation where the chain cannot be pulled, causing the lifting operation to terminate and affecting work efficiency. The majority of the reasons for this are due to improper operation by operators, severe overloading, lack of maintenance, and other non-standard behaviors. Not only does work efficiency decrease, but more importantly, it may pose a threat to personal and property safety. Below, we will list in detail the reasons that can cause blockchain situations.

  1、 The daily non-standard operation of the staff, careless placement of the chain hoist, can cause deformation of the cover. When the cover is severely impacted or squeezed during lifting operations, it can lead to deformation of the guide wheel, which may cause chain failure and affect the operation of the lifting chain.

  2、 The staff did not perform daily and correct maintenance on the hand chain hoist, resulting in severe rust and corrosion of the internal transmission mechanism, which greatly affected the operational performance and could not function properly. In this case, chain jamming may also occur.

  3、 Before lifting the goods, there was no inspection of the hand chain hoist, which caused serious overloading during use. This can damage the equipment and be one of the main reasons for chain jamming.

  It is important to remind everyone that in case of chain jamming again, do not forcefully pull or tug. Stop lifting operations immediately to check the cause and carry out repairs. Otherwise, it may cause the occurrence of accident hazards. The above is our summary of the reasons for chain blockages in chain hoists.

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