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The friction plate of the chain hoist has been replaced, but it still slips

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The friction plate of the chain hoist has been replaced, but it still slips

If the chain hoist slips during use, we usually need to consider whether the friction plates are worn too thin, which leads to a decrease in braking capacity and thus causes slipping. This is a common reason. If we are familiar with the disassembly and assembly of the chain block, we can clearly complete the replacement. However, what if the friction plate still slips after replacing it with a new one?

Then the following factors need to be considered:

1. The selected manual hoist friction plate is not of the original type, which means the quality is not up to standard. In addition, if there is overload, the chain will definitely slip. In order to reduce the speed of wear of normal friction plates, metal copper wires are embedded to increase braking and heat dissipation effects.

2. The surface of the replaced friction plate is not clean enough, such as being contaminated with oil, which prevents it from generating appropriate friction force correctly.

3. For non friction plate issues, if the pawl spring is damaged, it will not be able to correctly grip the pawl, resulting in looseness. Even if the friction plate brakes effectively, there will be slipping. At this point, you can replace the spring, and parts such as the pawl or brake seat will not be easily damaged.

If there is only one type of vulnerable component, the friction plate. If other parts are damaged, it is very likely that there is a problem with our use and operation, such as overloading or falling heavy objects causing the failure of the chain hoist. In short, slipping or other problems can easily cause danger, so it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance and repair.