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Can the chain hoist still be used if it rusts

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Can the chain hoist still be used if it rusts

If the hand chain hoist is not regularly maintained during use, or if the lifting environment is poor, it is easy to rust. Most of the rust is caused by the user's neglect of tool maintenance, or some chain blocks that are about to be abandoned and need to be refurbished. To rust, it is necessary to judge the degree of rust according to the actual situation and make different treatments.

For example, rust marks may appear on the casing after prolonged use due to paint peeling and wear, and some internal parts may rust. When the area is not large, rust removal can actually be carried out before continuing to use. For example, if the chain of the chain hoist rusts, we can simply replace the chain. If the rust on the cover does not affect its use, we can do some treatment, or if we feel that the strength is not enough, we can replace it with a new cover. All internal gear components can be replaced separately, but it should be noted that they should be consistent with the original model, which may be difficult to find in some cases. In addition, after replacing the corresponding parts and handling them properly, they should be re lubricated with oil, and then undergo a standardized tensile kinetic energy test to confirm that their load-bearing capacity is not a problem before being put into use.

So understanding this process can measure the cost of dealing with rust or directly using a new chain hoist, which is more suitable. It is also important to know the maintenance methods for keeping the hoist rust free during normal use, in order to reduce the occurrence of usage problems.