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What key points should be paid attention to during the use of synthetic fiber lifting straps

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  What key points should be paid attention to during the use of synthetic fiber lifting straps

  1. When lifting a load, it is necessary to choose a lifting belt that is suitable for the lifting load.

  2. Do not overload the use of synthetic fiber lifting straps;

  3. During lifting operations, it is prohibited to tie or use knotting methods to connect the lifting straps. The correct dedicated connection for the lifting straps should be used for connection.

  4. During the lifting process, it is necessary to avoid being cut by sharp tools. When lifting goods with sharp corners, edges, or rough surfaces, the lifting belt can be protected by using a protective sleeve or angle protector to extend its service life.

  5. When lifting a load, it is not allowed to hang the goods with a sling for too long.

  6. The protective lifting belt is subjected to impact loads during the loading process.

  7. When several lifting belts are loaded simultaneously, it is strictly prohibited to apply force to a single lifting belt, and the load should be evenly distributed on each lifting belt as much as possible.

  8. The ambient temperature for the use of lifting belts is -40 ° C to 100 ° C. It is prohibited to use them above this ambient temperature.

  9. Do not use lifting straps with severely damaged sheaths.

  10. Do not drag when moving lifting straps and goods.

  11. Continuously changing the focus can increase the service life. Only by strictly following the lifting rules during use can we ensure the safety of our property.