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Multi Functional Auxiliary Round Sling Belt


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Can two flat lifting straps be tied together to form one for use?

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  Can two flat lifting straps be tied together to form one for use?

  How to tie two flat lifting straps together and make them easy to knot after use? A lifting belt user raised the above question. This method of using lifting straps is not advisable. Hebei Dongsheng Hanging Sling Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a lifting belt manufacturer, expressed doubts. Why did the customer tie two lifting belts for use?

  After communication, it was learned that the customer needs to lift a funnel-shaped steel component of over 1 ton with two 1 ton white lifting straps, which are large on the top and small on the bottom.

  As a power driven device, the lifting crane uses two eye lifting straps tied together in a knotted manner to attempt to lift this hourglass shaped steel component.

  The above lifting plan is not feasible, and the solution is as follows:

  1. Two 1-ton white lifting straps are lifted using a U-shaped lifting bag. The above-mentioned heavy objects can be lifted, and the breaking load of the lifting belt can reach about 5 tons, so it can lift 2 tons of steel components. The axis direction of the hourglass shaped steel component is parallel to the ground, with two lifting straps running through the left and right openings, and four eye rings connected to the lifting hook of the crane;

  2. Replace the specifications and models of the lifting belt. Replace with a larger specification lifting belt. U-shaped or articulated suspension can be used for hoisting. Two small tonnage lifting belts are tied together to attempt to lift large tonnage objects. This lifting scheme is not advisable and poses significant risks.