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High Quality Polyester Flat Webbing Lifting Sling


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Hemp rope cannot replace lifting belts to complete lifting operations

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  Hemp rope cannot replace lifting belts to complete lifting operations

  In terms of material, lifting equipment can be divided into two types: metal lifting equipment and non-metal lifting equipment. The representative of non-metal lifting equipment is lifting belt, while the representative of metal lifting equipment is steel wire rope. Although hemp rope can also be used as a lifting tool, it cannot replace lifting belt.

  Although both lifting belts and hemp ropes are non-metallic materials, there is a significant difference in their raw materials. The lifting belts are made of synthetic fiber materials, which not only have high load-bearing capacity, but also have acid and alkali resistance, light resistance, and other characteristics. However, in this regard, hemp ropes cannot replace lifting belts.

  The two different materials of polyester lifting belts and hemp ropes result in completely different work contents. hemp ropes are more often used for bundling operations, and some small and light tools can be selected. However, lifting belts are suitable for bundling and fixing the vast majority of large equipment.

  Do not fold flat lifting for use

  Flat lifting has a strict requirement. During the lifting process, it is necessary to ensure that the belt is completely stretched, which can maintain its good condition. However, if the flat lifting belt folds or knots under high loads, the material of the lifting belt will be damaged.

  The reason is that flat lifting belts are better at bundled lifting than circular lifting belts. This method is to attach the body of the lifting belt to the surface of the target for binding and fixing, and then carry out lifting operations. During this process, if the flat lifting belt knots or folds, it will cause irreversible damage to the flat lifting belt.

  If used again at this time, the overall strength of the flat lifting belt will also weaken, and continuing to use will also increase the risk of lifting operations. Therefore, before starting lifting operations, it is necessary to ensure that the flat lifting belt is neat.