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High Quality Flat Webbing Sling Lifting Sling


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Improper lifting straps pose hazards during lifting

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  Improper lifting straps pose hazards during lifting

  There are many drawbacks to non-standard lifting with lifting belts. The following three serious consequences are mainly listed and we hope you can adopt them. The specific consequences are as follows:

  Improper lifting of lifting belts is overloading, and working beyond the specified load for a long time seriously damages the fiber structure of the lifting belt. The price of flat lifting belts greatly reduces their lifespan, and there is a possibility of breakage at any time, posing a danger at any time; Secondly, there are knots and severe knots in the lifting belt, which may cause factors such as collision, vibration, swinging, and entanglement during the lifting process; Slant lifting can lead to overload, and the larger the inclination angle during oblique lifting, the greater the force on the lifting belt when lifting objects of the same weight. If a heavy object is lifted at full load when lifted straight, the lifting belt will definitely be overloaded when lifted diagonally, and even the lifting belt may be pulled and broken. Secondly, oblique lifting will cause the object to sway towards the straight center, which may cause accidents due to collision with the hanging worker, nearby workers, or other objects.

  The serious harm of edge damage to lifting belts

  The possible defects or damages that may affect the continued safe use of the lifting belt mainly come from the surface abrasion of the lifting belt during use.

  Under normal circumstances, surface scratches during normal use are unavoidable and are considered normal scratches, with little impact on the lifting belt.

  However, as the lifting belt is used for an extended period of time, this impact is also constantly changing, and the situation will deteriorate, affecting the load-bearing capacity of the lifting belt.

  During the abrasion process, there are surface and edge scratches, with more severe edge scratches. The edge of the lifting belt is scratched, and the wound is pulled out during the bearing process, seriously affecting the mechanical performance of the lifting belt.