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The correct method to use the Kemei stage electric hoist

  • 2023-12-15

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The correct method of using stage electric hoists

The stage electric hoist is a tool that we often use to build stages and create stage effects. It mainly relies on hooks and chains to fix and lift heavy objects. However, many people make some mistakes when using the electric hoist to lift heavy objects. Below, I will introduce some common mistakes in use.

1. When using a stage hoist to lift heavy objects, the heavy objects are directly hung at the tip of the hook, which can easily cause the heavy objects to detach or fall due to the shaking of the heavy objects. It can also damage the heavy objects. Therefore, before lifting, it is necessary to check whether the heavy objects are securely hung;

2. When using a stage electric hoist to lift heavy objects, without a binding tool, the chain of the electric hoist is directly used for binding, which can easily lead to loose binding and weight falling, as well as deformation and wear of the chain;

3. The used electric hoist is not stored in a timely manner and instead exhibits behaviors such as dragging on the ground, which can cause wear and tear on the outer shell of the electric hoist;

When using stage electric hoists, we must avoid the above situations to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the hoists.