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Do not expose the stage electric hoist to direct sunlight

  • 2023-12-13

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Do not expose the stage electric hoist to direct sunlight

When we use stage electric hoists to build a stage outdoors, we often encounter sunny and scorching weather. The temperature in this weather is very high, and long-term work may cause heatstroke for the staff. The electric hoists are also very afraid of exposure to sunlight.

The stage electric hoist is used by connecting to a power source, and the high temperature generated by exposure to sunlight not only causes overheating of the power equipment, but also has an impact on the motor inside the hoist, which can seriously affect the hoist's crane; Not only that, the working environment temperature under exposure to sunlight will be very high, which will have a certain impact on the metal components and chains inside the gourd. Long term exposure to sunlight can cause corrosion and deformation of the metal components of the gourd, which may accelerate the aging, wear and even scrap rate of the components.

In the scorching summer, while enjoying the cool air conditioning, don't forget to take a break for the electric gourd on stage to feel cool and avoid the negative impact of direct sunlight on the gourd.