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Inspection and maintenance matters for galvanized lifting chains

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  Inspection and maintenance matters for galvanized lifting chains

  Galvanized lifting chains are widely used in the lifting industry. Compared to general chains, they are not only corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, but also have a beautiful appearance. These can be said to be its advantages. However, this G80 alloy steel chain needs to be inspected and maintained before and after use. Below, we will share the relevant details.

  Firstly, users should inspect the lifting chain before using it, which is divided into two main contents:

  One is appearance inspection. When inspecting the chain, users should pay special attention to whether there is any wear or deformation on the appearance of the chain.

  The second is to conduct load testing on the chain, because after long-term use, the lifting capacity of the chain may decrease due to improper user operation or maintenance. If a chain with reduced load capacity is used to lift goods, it will increase the occurrence of safety hazards.

  Secondly, after using the galvanized lifting chain, users should first maintain it before entering the warehouse. Maintenance should follow the three steps of cleaning, drying, and oiling. When entering the warehouse, attention should be paid to indoor dryness and ventilation, and the chain should not be damp or exposed to direct sunlight.

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