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How to deal with the problem of heating in the 80 level lifting chain

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  How to deal with the problem of heating in the 80 level lifting chain

  With the continuous high temperature weather, many outdoor lifting construction sites are facing great difficulties. In addition to the discomfort caused by the high temperature to the workers, there is also an impact on the lifting equipment. For example, the lifting chains under long-term sunlight can become hot, leading to installation problems. So what should be done to deal with this situation?

  Some customers have suggested using cold water to cool down galvanized or blackened lifting chains. This method can indeed be effective in a short period of time. However, due to long-term heat absorption, the heating part of the lifting chain is not only on the surface, but also at a high internal temperature. This results in the cooling effect of flushing water being fleeting, and the chain after flushing is more prone to dust and oil stains, making it difficult to clean after use. Using this method for a long time may also cause the chain to rust. So it is not recommended to use this method to cool the chain. If the overheating of the chain seriously affects the progress of the project, the lifting chain manufacturer suggests that you use a cooling system to reduce the temperature of the chain. In addition, if possible, it is possible to consider reducing the load on the chain or reducing friction to lower the temperature of the chain. At the same time, in addition to use, the chain should be stored in a cool indoor place to allow it to cool down on its own.

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