Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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The difference between the front and back hanging of electric chain hoists

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  The difference between the front and back hanging of electric chain hoists

  The difference between an electric hoist on a chain down stage and a hanging one can be divided into two types:

  Difference 1: Different appearance, different usage, and the same principle. (Because some stage specific electric hoists require reverse chain use, which will increase efficiency and make it easier to operate during operation).

  Difference 2: The front mounted stage electric hoist is directly hooked up like a regular electric hoist. The price of the front mounted electric hoist is a bit cheaper and more affordable than that of the upside down electric hoist. In some situations where such large equipment is not needed, the front mounted stage electric hoist will be chosen for use, which can save the next investment.

  The main feature of stage electric hoists is that they have greater advantages in design compared to ordinary chain electric hoists:

  The stage electric hoist is strictly designed and manufactured according to the requirements of touring performances and exhibitions, with a black paint treatment on the surface, long-lasting brightness, and a 110 volt control circuit heat treatment. The formed steel guide chain plate is designed for both forward and reverse directions and all-day use. It is equipped with an adjustable spiral limit switch, which can provide higher performance. The chain is galvanized and not easy to rust. Lubricating grease is installed in the gearbox to prevent oil droplets from penetrating the stage.

  The difference between a chain stage electric hoist and a hanging hoist lies only in their performance, appearance, quality, and efficiency. The working principle and safety factor are the same.

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