Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Waterproof 1 Ton Round Link Electric Chain Hoist


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The advantages of electric chain hoists

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  The advantages of electric chain hoists

  1. Light self weight

  The self weight of the chain hoist has significantly decreased compared to other types of hoist cranes, which makes the loading and unloading of equipment more convenient. The placement of equipment can be changed according to the actual operation needs, increasing the flexibility of lifting operations and adapting to various working situations.

  2. High safety performance

  This type of gourd equipment also adopts an anti leakage treatment mechanism, which can ensure the integrity of the equipment to the greatest extent in the event of electric leakage and short circuit in the gourd, reducing the risk of damage

  3. Dual brake system

  One obvious difference between the electric chain hoist and ordinary hoist lifting equipment is the use of a dual brake system, which makes the operation of the hoist crane more flexible and the braking time extremely short. When the equipment undergoes emergency braking, it can ensure the stability of the body.

  4. Emergency switch settings

  The chain electric hoist also adopts an emergency switch design, which can be activated to stop the operation of the equipment when all other safety systems of the equipment fail. And the emergency switch is designed in an area far away from the equipment, allowing operators to shut down the equipment in an emergency manner, ensuring their personal safety.

  Maintenance items for electric hoists

  1. Regularly install lubricating grease

  The gourd lifting equipment consumes a large amount of lubricating grease in daily use, so lubricating grease should be installed on the equipment to ensure smooth operation. Lubricating grease can effectively reduce the wear of transmission parts and extend the service life of equipment.

  2. Idle before starting up

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