Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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How to control the increase in maintenance costs of electric hoists?

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How to control the increase in maintenance costs of electric hoists?

There are five main management methods for controlling the maintenance cost of electric hoists:

1. Strengthen the management of replacing spare parts during maintenance

In the handling of electric hoist faults, it is encountered that one component is damaged but the other component is replaced, or only due to equipment adjustment faults, spare parts are replaced, resulting in waste of spare parts. This is mainly due to the lack of supervision mechanism in equipment management, and a mechanism needs to be established to ensure that maintenance workers are responsible for replacing the components.

2. Strengthen the maintenance of damaged parts.

Sometimes the replaced electric hoist accessories can be reused after maintenance, but in practice, most maintenance workers are unwilling to repair them due to lack of technology or necessary tools, resulting in resource waste.

3. Strengthen the management of workshop spare parts warehouse

The spare parts warehouse should establish a spare parts ledger for various types of electric hoists, and regularly check the equipment's spare parts ledger with the maintenance status of the equipment by the maintenance personnel. It is best to ensure the normal use requirements of the electric hoist without causing a backlog of spare parts, so as to effectively operate the spare parts and reduce the problem of spare parts backlog.

4. Adhere to the maintenance system and daily equipment inspection system

Establish strict maintenance systems and regulations, encourage operators to strictly follow the prescribed requirements, and promptly deal with potential faults. At the same time, maintenance personnel need to strengthen the inspection and patrol of electric hoist equipment.

5. Strengthen skill training for enterprise employees

Enterprises should regularly provide professional skills training to employees, and as their skills improve, employees will naturally be able to operate and maintain equipment correctly.