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Soft Sling Webbing Nylon Sling Belt


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Safety precautions for using straps

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  Safety precautions for using straps

  1. Before use, check if the sling is damaged, if the end metal components are reliable, and if there are any defects such as deformation and cracks;

  2. Confirm the weight and length that the sling can bear and use the correct lifting method; It is not allowed to connect the soft ring with any device that may cause damage to it. The hanging device connected to the soft ring should be smooth and without any sharp edges, and its size and shape should not tear open the seam of the lifting strap;

  3. Before lifting, attention should be paid to center stability to avoid eccentric loading; Do not drag when moving straps and goods;

  4. Except for hook and sleeve type, the maximum inter limb angle for lifting shall not exceed 90 °; The inclination of the load should not exceed 5 °, and the angle between each limb should not be less than 30 °

  5. Do not knot or twist the straps, and do not use knots or other methods to adjust the length of the straps. It is not allowed to hang goods with straps for too long;

  Wet straps cannot be used in environments below 0 ℃; It is not allowed to use unsheathed straps to carry goods with sharp corners or edges.

  7. Slings should avoid direct contact with sharp edges and rough surfaces to prevent cutting damage or damage

  8. Dangerous goods loading and unloading operations, the working load shall not exceed 80% of the safe working load

  9. After using the sling in a dirty or acidic or alkaline environment, it should be immediately rinsed clean with cold water

  10. Overloading the use of lifting straps is not allowed. When using several straps at a time, the load should be evenly distributed among them as much as possible.

  11. Do not use unsheathed lifting straps to lift goods with sharp corners or edges, to prevent damage to the lifting straps;

  12. It is not allowed to suspend goods for a long time;

  13. Do not store the sling near open flames or other heat sources, and also pay attention to avoiding light for storage

  14. Regularly clean the straps