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Analysis of the reasons affecting the strength of lifting belts

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  Analysis of the reasons affecting the strength of lifting belts

  The lifting belt is lightweight, easy to use, and its strength can be comparable to that of steel wire rope. However, when using the lifting belt, attention should be paid to adding lifting belt corner protectors when lifting goods with sharp edges. What are the reasons that affect the strength of the lifting belt?

  1. Surface scratches. During normal use, there may be scratches on the surface fibers, which are considered normal scratches and generally do not affect the strength of the lifting belt. However, these effects can vary. In normal use, if scratches occur, the weight of the lifting belt must be reduced in future lifting, and all scratches, especially edge scratches, should be taken seriously.

  2. The cutting of the lifting belt, the cutting of the horizontal and vertical directions, and the cutting of the weaving edge. If such cutting occurs, the lifting belt cannot be used anymore.

  3. Chemical erosion can cause localized weakening of the lifting belt,

  4. Heat and friction damage, the surface of the lifting belt is very smooth, and in extreme cases, it can cause fibers to stick together, affecting the strength of the lifting belt.

  Is the weight of the lifting belt the heavier the better

  Is there a direct relationship between the quality and weight of a lifting belt? In fact, the heavier the lifting belt, the better. This is completely related to the raw materials of the lifting belt. Generally, the lighter the raw materials are industrial silk, which has good ductility. When making a lifting belt, it may be lighter. There is also a type of lifting belt that looks very thick and heavy. This type of raw material is civilian silk, and the raw materials are all in powder form, with poor ductility, which is why it is made very thick. However, it cannot reach the safety factor. Therefore, when choosing a lifting belt, we should not blindly choose products that look very heavy and thick. The quality of the lifting belt is not related to the weight of the lifting belt.