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Durable Lifting Belt Sling Rigging Line


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What are the maintenance points for lifting equipment

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  What are the maintenance points for lifting equipment

  At present, lifting belts have become one of the common tools in lifting, and their material is generally polyester filament, which has multiple advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, easy maintenance, and UV resistance. Although the product itself does not generate sparks, it is generally not suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments.

  And the lifting belt requires periodic maintenance of the product during use:

  1. Do not drag when moving lifting straps and goods. Don't make it knot.

  2. The soft ring should not be connected to any device that may cause damage or wear to it.

  3. When carrying, it should not be twisted.

  4. Unsheathed straps should not be used to carry goods with sharp corners or edges.

  5. The opening angle of the soft ring should be avoided from exceeding 20 °.

  6. Slings should be stored in a dark and UV free environment.

  7. Lifting straps should not be stored near open flames or other heat sources.

  8. When not using lifting straps, they should be placed in a well lit area. This can prolong the service life of the lifting belt.