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Multi Functional Rigging Lifting Belt Sling


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How to distinguish whether the lifting belt is pulled or cut

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  How to distinguish whether the lifting belt is pulled or cut

  Many times, users may cut off the lifting belt due to improper use, rather than being pulled off due to poor quality.

  Recalling that the rules for using lifting belts clearly state: "When the lifting object has sharp edges, these sharp edges will cause destructive cuts to the lifting belt. To protect the lifting belt from cuts, a protective lining can be placed between the lifting belt and the object being lifted."

  And breakage refers to the condition where the surface of the webbing is intact or suitable lifting methods are used when the sling is under manual tension. The sling is naturally subjected to force and breaks, which may be the result of quality issues with the sling.

  Cutting is caused by the presence of some trauma on the surface that affects the intrinsic continuation of fibers. When subjected to tension, both sides of the wound are constantly subjected to external forces, resulting in cutting. This is a fracture phenomenon caused by human error.

  Users should reasonably distinguish between the cutting and pulling situations of lifting belts, recognize the importance of using lifting belts reasonably, not only can it prolong the service life of lifting belts, but also avoid accidental damage to lifting belts.