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Will stage pullers deform

  • 2023-11-30

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Tianjin Kemei stage chain block is made of high-quality materials. The upper and lower hooks and chains are made of anti-aging, high-strength alloy steel to ensure deformation when overloaded, prevent sudden fracture and ensure user safety. However, it is not uncommon for it to deform during use, mostly due to overloading and lifting. So what should we do after the gourd hook chain deforms?

Firstly, the deformed hand chain hoist hook chain has lost its original load-bearing capacity and must not be used again. The correct approach is to immediately contact our manufacturer or repair point for replacement.

Secondly, we should identify the cause of the deformation of the chain hook of the chain hoist, in order to prevent the replacement of the chain hook from further damaging and increasing property losses. Using a chain hoist in a narrow space can easily cause deformation of the hook chain; Throwing or heavy objects pressing on the gourd during storage can easily cause deformation; Overloading can easily cause deformation. So the above three situations need to be eliminated.

Thirdly, after identifying the cause, keep it in mind and reduce the possibility of the gourd deforming again.