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Why is the stage electric hoist exclusive to stage construction

  • 2023-12-14

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Why is it necessary to use a specific stage electric hoist for stage construction? Is it impossible to complete the work using an ordinary electric hoist? Of course not, ordinary electric hoists can also assist in stage construction, but there are many issues related to stage effect, and ordinary electric hoists cannot meet the requirements. Let's talk about why only stage electric hoists can be used for stage construction.

Firstly, it should be noted that stage electric hoists belong to chain type electric hoists, also known as lifting machines, also known as inverted electric hoists or self climbing electric hoists. It is a gourd designed specifically for large-scale performance occasions, such as lifting light frames, speaker groups, and large scenery devices. It is also suitable for lifting other temporary mobile occasions.

Simply put, the role of stage electric hoists is not just a simple lifting task, otherwise any electric hoist can be used for stage construction. Stage electric hoists also have a task of not affecting the stage effect in the suspension after stage construction is completed. So it usually uses a special material shell to reduce the probability of reflecting stage lights and avoid the unpleasant experience of the audience being blinded by the flash. The characteristics of the stage electric hoist material are that its shell uses a special coating that can reflect the stage's light with a small probability, avoiding interference caused by spotlights.

At the same time, the stage electric hoist has a low noise operating mode, which does not affect the sound effect of the stage during operation, allowing the audience to experience a dual feast of visual and auditory experience. However, ordinary electric hoists can only achieve lifting and hoisting. In the subsequent work of lighting and sound layout, ordinary electric hoists are not capable of undertaking, so more stage construction will use stage electric hoists.