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Why do chain hoists slide

  • 2023-10-12

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Hand hoist is the lifting lifting equipment by manpower, once the phenomenon of slipping is likely to hurt workers, so we must know the cause of slipping and make timely preparations for prevention.

1. The hand-pulled hoist device has a brake pad, under which there is a ratchet wheel, and there is a ratchet claw next to the ratchet wheel. If the spring on the ratchet is loose, the hand-pulled hoist will not brake, resulting in the phenomenon of brake failure and skidding;

2. In the process of continuous application, the conflict pieces of hand-pulled gourd will constantly produce wear, and the poor quality hand-pulled gourd conflict pieces are fragile and not wear-resistant, and will constantly become thinner, resulting in the reduction of conflict coefficient, loose meshing parts, and skidding phenomenon; Other assumed conflict film with oil, the coefficient of conflict will also decline, showing skidding;

3. If the hand-pulled hoist is not properly maintained, it will easily lead to excessive oil stains inside the hand-pulled hoist, which will constitute the appearance wear of the conflict sheet. Maybe the operation organization is loose and no adjustment is made, so the conflict sheet will be in a relatively risky working state for a long time;

4. The conflict chip is covered with oil, which reduces the conflict force, so it appears to be skidding.


1. If the ratchet spring is loose, replace the spring in time to avoid slipping;

2. The hand-pulled hoist is supposed to be used with high frequency. It is recommended to check it every 7 days.

3. for chain conflict wear problem, the root way is to choose and buy good quality in their hand chain hoist, conflict will surface into some wire, add resistance to wear, keep the meshing stability, increase the safety of use, and then extended chain using become old, yea, cuts to replace conflict frequency, reduce the cost