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What to do if the stage operator's chain is stuck while pulling the gourd

  • 2023-11-29

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Long term use of stage chain hoists can easily lead to chain jamming. At this time, do not forcefully pull, as such rough solutions not only threaten user safety, but also waste a lot of time, resulting in a decrease in overall work efficiency. To address this issue, we have summarized the reasons for the chain failure of the stage chain hoist:

The first one is that improper user operation causes deformation of the cover, which directly affects the operation of the internal components. Due to careless handling or placement by users, the cover of the chain hoist has been severely damaged and deformed, resulting in inward compression. So when the guide wheel is affected and deforms, it will directly affect the operation of the chain, causing chain jamming and other chain operation failures;

The second issue is that the user's daily maintenance of the hand chain hoist is not sufficient, resulting in serious rusting of internal operating components. The user's inadequate or non-standard maintenance of the hand chain hoist will directly affect the internal components and cause serious rusting, greatly affecting its operational performance. The internal components of the hand chain hoist that cannot operate normally will cause chain jamming and other faults when the user is lifting;

Thirdly, the user did not inspect the chain and other related components before using the chain hoist. At the beginning of each operation, users need to inspect the various components and overall operational performance of the equipment. Users who neglect inspection cannot timely detect abnormalities such as deformation of chains, sprockets, and other components, which can directly lead to chain jamming when used for operation.