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What to do if the stage electric hoist suddenly stops working

  • 2023-12-14

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The stage electric hoist is a specialized lifting device designed and produced specifically for the construction of drama, concert, and variety show stages. It can help stage workers quickly and effortlessly hang stage lighting fixtures, curtains, banners, and other items. Generally, the electric hoist has excellent performance and quality, and rarely malfunctions, affecting customer use. If it suddenly doesn't work, we don't need to panic and patiently identify the cause of its malfunction for repair.

Firstly, the areas that need to be inspected include:

1. Power supply for electric hoists. The equipment on stage is messy, with numerous crowds and numerous circuits. During the performance, the performance or onlookers may touch the power socket, causing poor power contact or directly interrupting the power supply, causing the electric hoist to not function properly.

2. The voltage of the power supply. Electric hoists can only lift heavy objects normally at the rated voltage of 220V or 380V. If the current voltage is too low, it cannot provide sufficient power for the motor.

If there are no issues with the power supply, technical personnel need to quickly replace other electric hoists of the same specification and model. After the performance is over, time will be arranged to repair the damaged electric hoists.

So in order to avoid the sudden malfunction of the stage electric hoist during the performance, on-site staff should check the equipment in advance and also ensure the protection of cables and wires at all times during the performance.