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What are the common problems with the reducer of the stage electric hoist

  • 2023-12-14

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There are two types of stage specific hoists: stage chain hoists and stage electric hoists. Chain hoists are lifting hoists that use human power to control the lifting and lowering of stage loads. However, the structure, function, and efficiency of electric hoists are superior. In addition to eliminating the labor of human labor, they can also achieve controllable lifting speed, and the reducer device that achieves this function is its reducer device.

The reducer of the stage electric hoist, as a transmission device, plays a very important role in the lifting operation process. It can adjust the speed, reduce the speed, and increase the torque. However, once damaged, it can also lead to various dangerous situations such as the motor being destroyed and heavy objects falling off.

So when the reducer of the stage electric hoist encounters various problems such as severe gear wear, motor overheating, excessive impurities in the lubricating oil inside the gearbox, and control failure of the reducer, sufficient attention should be paid, and effective solutions need to be made based on the location and severity of the reducer failure.