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Usage method of stage electric hoist

  • 2023-12-14

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The appearance of the stage has increased the aesthetics and three-dimensional feel of the performance, bringing great shock to the audience while visually feast. The stage brackets, stage lighting, sound, and other mechanical equipment used on the stage are mostly hung from high places using electric gourds, and the gourds themselves are hung at the top of the stage brackets.

Firstly, before hanging the stage lighting frame gourd, it is necessary to first place four bases at the set positions, install pre connected columns on each base, and also connect the hanging gourd to the crossbeam.

Secondly, fix the column bracket with screws, pass the lower hook of the gourd through the lower crossbeam, and pull the lower hook of the gourd all the way to the position of the person's head.

In addition, heavy objects such as lighting and sound equipment are hung on the crossbeam, and personnel standing at four corners jointly pull the chain of the hoist to ensure that the light frame is smoothly and uniformly lifted to the designated position.

After using the stage lighting frame hoist to lift the stage rack, other types of materials can also be lifted and lifted using the hoist. After the performance is over, the chain of the hoist is pulled back again, and the stage rack and the lighting, audio, and other equipment above it will also be lowered to the ground at the same time