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Three phase electricity of electric hoists on Kemei stage

  • 2023-11-22

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Kemei's stage electric hoists are usually used in stage construction, publicity, and other places, so three-phase electricity is often used. Therefore, stage electric hoists are generally designed as three-phase electricity, but many of the reasons are due to the following drawbacks compared to using single-phase electric motors:

1. Compared to three-phase motors, single-phase motors are more expensive and have a larger volume.

2. It belongs to the category of non functional load and requires a large starting torque to ensure that the hook does not slip during aerial lifting. However, the single-phase electric starting torque is small and not suitable for use as a lifting motor, which does not meet the requirements.

3. The machine is easy to achieve forward and reverse control, as single-phase electric motors need to be stopped before switching.

4. The motor relies on capacitors to achieve forward and reverse control, which can easily generate high current impacts during startup or operation, and can easily burn out the motor, damage the capacitors and cables. Therefore, single-phase motors cannot meet the torque characteristics requirements during startup, nor can they meet the process requirements of frequent forward and reverse rotation. They are not suitable for reuse and have poor performance, so they have shortcomings.