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The stage gourd needs preliminary lubrication

  • 2023-11-30

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The stage gourd is specially designed for the stage. It is all pitch black and will not affect the color effect of the stage. Its net weight is lightweight, making it ideal for stage construction. However, although it is useful and many people know that it needs lubrication and maintenance, it also needs preliminary lubrication before use. Let me introduce its lubrication work to you.

1. The chain degree of the stage electric hoist and the contact points between the sprocket and connecting rod must be properly lubricated.

2. The temperature around the gearbox is approximately between -10 ℃ and 50 ℃, and 220m2/S of 40 ℃ gear oil with mild and high pressure additives should be used. Lubricating oil should be installed inside the gearbox to prevent oil droplets from seeping onto the stage.

After completing the preliminary lubrication, we also need to lubricate the various parts of the stage electric hoist chain that pass through. Of course, the lubricating oil used for lubrication also needs to be gear oil, so that it has the function of high-pressure addition.; Afterwards, it is necessary to clean up the debris and debris around the equipment, and place the equipment in a dry and avoid direct sunlight to extend its service life and maximize its effectiveness.

If lubrication and maintenance details are not paid attention to after use, various problems may occur during the next use. It should be noted that a successful performance requires cooperation from multiple aspects, and the sound requirements on stage are also relatively high. Except for the sound of actors on stage, everything else is prohibited. If the stage chain electric hoist is not well lubricated, it is likely to emit various harsh noises. For better stage effects, please take it seriously.