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The stage electric hoist should meet the load requirements of the stage grating top

  • 2023-12-05

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The stage grating top is a simple device for suspending equipment above the stage, usually made of steel structure material. In actual stage installation work, stage technology often faces great difficulties in the installation, debugging, and maintenance of stage suspension equipment due to the lack of understanding of technical parameters of stage grating top, stage electric hoist, and other equipment by architectural designers and construction personnel during the theater construction process, Even affecting the overall stage technology level of the built theater.

As the foundation of stage suspension equipment in architecture, the stage grating top is one of the indispensable and important facilities in the upper part of the stage. It is also the main supporting equipment for later equipment debugging and maintenance. Its safety factor and service life are related to the personal safety of actors on stage and the safety of equipment.

On the top of the grid, not only should the stage electric hoist be hung, but also suspension rods and single point cranes should be placed to bear the weight of most of the mechanical equipment on the stage. In addition to bearing the weight of these equipment, the top of the grid also needs to bear the effective load of the equipment. Therefore, when selecting equipment such as grid tops and electric hoists for design, we need to consider multiple parameters and analyze these loads in detail, effectively decomposing and transmitting them into the structure of the building.