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The stage electric hoist requires preventive maintenance

  • 2023-12-08

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The stage electric hoist requires preventive maintenance

With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of productivity, the level of mechanical automation is also constantly improving. Special light and small lifting equipment, stage electric hoists, are used as construction tools in stage construction, playing an important role in our stage construction. Of course, the more automated the mechanical equipment, the higher the maintenance requirements, and the corresponding increase in technical requirements for maintenance personnel.

During the process of using stage electric hoists, various malfunctions may occur due to the unfamiliarity of operators with stage electric hoists, unintentional misoperation, and inadequate maintenance, which not only affects work efficiency but also leads to an increase in maintenance costs.

Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena, we need to carry out preventive maintenance on the stage electric hoist. Before any malfunctions occur, hidden dangers should be eliminated to minimize the failure rate of the stage electric hoist and ensure the efficient and safe operation of the equipment