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The combination of stage gourd and lifting belt

  • 2023-11-25

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The stage gourd and lifting belt seem to have little connection, but in work, they can become a perfect combination.

Firstly, it is difficult to fix it with the hook of a gourd alone. When setting up the stage, it is likely to lift goods with a large area or without hook points, and it is difficult to fix them with only the stage chain hoist hook. At this point, multiple lifting straps need to be tied and fixed to ensure the safety of lifting.

Secondly, irregular objects are being lifted. The center of gravity of irregular objects is difficult to determine. After using lifting straps to bundle heavy objects together, the goods are like being packed into a bag, and the center of gravity is naturally more stable. At this point, the goods are also not easy to fall off, killing two birds with one stone.

Thirdly, when fixing the gourd on the stage bracket. The editor has seen stage workers hang gourds on lifting straps tied to stage supports. The lifting strap tied to the bracket is generally located at the center of the bracket. The purpose of doing this is to make the center of the entire bracket bear the weight of the goods. If the lifting belt is not used for the transition between the gourd and the bracket, there will be uneven stress on the bracket, which will cause the bracket to collapse.

The above is the situation where a lifting belt is needed for gourds. Unity is strong, and the combination of the two can play a greater role.