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The Influence of Stage Hand Pulling Hull Heavy Object Unhooking

  • 2023-12-12

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The Influence of Stage Hand Pulling Hull Heavy Object Unhooking

The stage chain hoist is a commonly used lifting tool for lifting heavy stage equipment, with a compact size and concealed positioning. However, due to unreasonable use or environmental factors, some components on the gourd may age and be damaged after a period of use. The hook is such a component, and when the hook is damaged, heavy objects may become unhooked during the lifting process. So, what is the impact of unhooking when lifting heavy objects on the stage gourd?

When the stage gourd is usually lifted, it is the sound and lighting equipment of some stages. If the heavy object is unhooked, it will not only cause equipment damage, but some equipment may also cause electric leakage and fire, which is very dangerous; Secondly, when using gourds to lift stage props during stage performances, unhooking can cause stage performance accidents and even casualties; For the gourd itself, when the stage gourd experiences decoupling, it may cause vibration to the internal components, which may damage the internal components and make it difficult for the gourd to continue normal use.

It is very dangerous for the stage operator to unhook the stage gourd, so we should pay attention to protecting the hook of the stage gourd in daily life and be cautious of the occurrence of unhooking.