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The Diffuse Reflection Principle of Electric Hoists on Stage

  • 2023-12-14

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As is well known, the surface of the stage electric hoist is coated with special paint, which effectively avoids discomfort to the audience due to the glare of reflected light during the stage performance. So, what is the principle behind the characteristics of the stage electric hoist? Now let's do a simple science popularization for everyone.

Firstly, let's understand two concepts: specular reflection and diffuse reflection. Specular reflection refers to if the reflecting surface is relatively smooth, and when parallel incident light rays reach this reflecting surface, they will still reflect in a parallel direction, which belongs to specular reflection; Diffuse reflection refers to the phenomenon of light being irregularly reflected in various directions by a rough surface.

The light reflected by the mirror is very strong and can cause significant interference to our vision. For example, when the high beam of a car coming from behind hits the reflector of a car in front, it will reflect a dazzling light. If the light is diffusely reflected and transmitted to all directions, the light becomes much softer, and the stage electric hoist adopts this principle.

Some stage electric hoists have a very smooth surface, but the reflected light is very soft. This is precisely because it uses diffuse reflection paint, which ensures that the stage electric hoists have sufficient texture while also ensuring the softness of the stage reflected light.