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Stage electric hoist behind high-tech

  • 2023-12-14

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With the increasing demand for entertainment and cultural life, more and more large-scale stage performances, singer concerts, cross talk shows, talk shows, magic shows, and other stage performances are integrated into our lives.

The stage equipment can also be considered luxurious, with colorful LED spotlights covering the stage from all angles, and the ultra clear LED screen giving us a stunning visual impact. The three-dimensional surround sound of high-end audio provides us with a unique auditory feast. The magnificent stage immerses us in the entertainment atmosphere brought by high-tech.

Behind such a magnificent stage, there are inconspicuous small devices silently running, which are stage electric hoists. The stage electric hoist plays a crucial role in the construction of the stage. The layout of lighting and sound, as well as the high-altitude construction of metal frames, all require the help of stage electric hoists, which greatly improves the efficiency of stage construction.

The Tianjin Kemei stage electric hoist is specially designed for the stage. It is compact and exquisite, non reflective, noise free, and highly efficient, making it the perfect choice for stage construction.