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Regular maintenance work for electric hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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The operator of the electric hoist should regularly maintain the equipment, including the following:

1. The electric hoist wire rope used at room temperature should be lubricated at least once every ten days; When refueling steel wire ropes in winter, the lubricating oil must be heated.

2. Electric hoists are absolutely prohibited from being used in environments that are not allowed; The allowable medium and environmental conditions for explosion-proof electric hoists are shown in the attachment.

3. Electric hoists are absolutely not allowed to be used beyond the rated load, nor are they allowed to tilt and lift loads or be used as horizontal dragging tools.

4. The limiter is set to prevent accidents caused by the lifting hook rising or falling beyond the limit position, so it cannot be used frequently.

5. Oil stains are strictly prohibited on the brake pads.

6. Regular inspections should be conducted on electric hoists, at least once a month, and timely measures should be taken to eliminate any faults found.

7. When the electric hoist is not working, it is strictly prohibited to suspend the load in the air for a long time.

8. If a malfunction is found during use of the electric hoist, the main power supply should be immediately cut off.