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Reasons and solutions for uncontrolled lifting and lowering of stage electric hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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The stage electric hoist is an important member of the stage suspension system equipment and an indispensable supporting equipment in the stage performance process. If there is a situation of out of control lifting during the performance, it will greatly reduce the stage performance effect. Below, we will understand the reasons and solutions that cause out of control lifting.

There are three reasons for the uncontrolled lifting of the stage electric hoist:

1. Control button failure: No matter how hard the operator presses the button, the electric hoist will not experience any operational response.

2. AC contactor main contact sintering link: The contactor has quality issues or improper selection, resulting in sintering and adhesion of the main contact. When it should be disconnected, it cannot be disconnected, causing the electric hoist to stop or rise in a timely manner.

3. Malfunction of travel switch control: Due to frequent operation of the travel switch, it is inevitable to experience loosening and displacement, posing a safety hazard.

The solution to the uncontrolled lifting of the stage electric hoist is as follows:

1. For places with harsh working environments, maintenance measures should be taken;

2. Timely repair equipment faults and replace with new parts;

3. Repurchase products with qualified quality.