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Precautions for using electric hoists on stage

  • 2023-10-14

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The stage electric hoist is a type of chain electric hoist, also known as a hoist. This stage electric hoist is strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of touring performances and exhibitions. The surface is bright and durable, and the formed steel guide chain plate is equipped with an adjustable spiral limit switch, which has higher reliability and is not easy to rust. Moreover, it can prevent oil droplets from penetrating the stage. More importantly, the motor of the stage electric hoist is sealed in an aluminum steel ring cylindrical shell, permanently protecting the motor, Suitable for connecting to various controllers and circuit distributors. There are many issues that need to be paid attention to when using stage electric hoists. The following are the summarized precautions:

1. Before connecting the stage electric hoist to the power supply, it is absolutely necessary to check whether these numbers match the voltage supplied. The voltage and frequency used for the operation of the electric hoist are marked on the rated voltage plate of the motor.

2. The suspension point of the stage electric hoist should be of the correct size to accommodate the top hook or hook eye of the stage chain electric hoist, and it should be properly placed on the saddle to support the lifting machinery network. It must be sufficient to support the force of the crane at its maximum lifting capacity.

3. The load-bearing chain of the stage electric hoist should be lubricated and must be completed before the crane is used. The entire length of the chain must be lubricated, including the area where the refining rod passes through the sprocket. It needs to be determined that the contact points between the connecting rods are properly lubricated.

4. After assembly, the stage chain electric hoist should be isolated from the power supply before use. Check all mechanical and electrical connectors and connections to ensure they are securely locked and secure.

5. When using the stage electric hoist, the lifting motor should be started first to lift the heavy object to the appropriate height, and then the running motor should be started to transport the heavy object to the designated position. The running car should walk on the lower edge of the single I-beam.