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Precautions for using chain hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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Understanding and implementing the precautions for chain hoists is essential to ensure their safe use and the safety of operators. The specific precautions are as follows:

1. Overloading is strictly prohibited;

2. It is strictly prohibited to use force other than human power for operation;

3. Before use, it is necessary to ensure that the components are intact, the transmission part and lifting chain are well lubricated, and operate normally under idle conditions;

4. Before lifting, check whether the upper and lower hooks are securely fastened and whether there are any incorrect operations such as lifting heavy objects at the tip when eating;

5. The lifting chain should be hung vertically without twisted links, and the lower hook bracket of the double chain should not be overturned.

6. When lifting a heavy object, the operator should stand in the same plane as the hand chain wheel and pull the hand chain. The hand chain wheel should rotate clockwise so that the weight can rise;

7. Pull the chain in the opposite direction, and the heavy object will slowly descend. When lifting heavy objects, personnel should not do any work or walk under them to avoid safety accidents.

8. During the lifting process of heavy objects, regardless of whether they rise or fall, the pulling force on the hand chain should be uniform and slow, and never use too much force to prevent the hand chain from jumping or getting stuck.

9. If the hand tension is found to be greater than the normal tension, it should be immediately stopped from use.