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How to use electric hoists on stage to cause chain corrosion

  • 2023-11-21

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The important component of the stage electric hoist is the chain, and the condition of the chain directly affects the use of the equipment. So which situation will cause the chain to corrode?

1. The purchased stage electric hoist has poor quality, the raw materials for the chain are not good, and the processing of the chain has not been properly handled.

2. The storage area of the stage electric hoist contains corrosive gases or liquids, and the chain sticks to the liquid causing corrosion

3. Failure to clean the debris and oil stains on the surface of the stage electric hoist in a timely manner after using it can lead to corrosion if left standing for a long time

4. On rainy days, the stage electric hoist has been exposed to rain for too long and has not been dried in a timely manner

When using stage electric hoists, it is necessary to maintain them in a timely manner to avoid damage to the parts.