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How to ensure safer use of stage electric hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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The stage electric hoist is a light and small lifting tool specifically used for stage construction, and its safety during use directly affects the safety and efficiency of stage construction. Therefore, it is required that the operator of the stage electric hoist has some experience. In addition, there are also some operational requirements that we should pay attention to to to ensure that the use of the stage electric hoist is more safe.

One is that the stage electric hoist cannot be used to lift people;

Secondly, when operating the electric hoist on the stage, it is advisable to place prominent warning or indicative signs around the area to remind unrelated people to stay away from the lifting range;

Thirdly, ensure that the operation of the electric hoist on stage is carried out without any obstacles;

Fourthly, do not arbitrarily modify or weld the components of the stage electric hoist, as it will not only reduce the safety of the operation process but also be inconvenient for later maintenance;

Fifth, staff are prohibited from operating stage electric hoists during illness, alcohol consumption, or fatigue to prevent accidents.

The above points can improve the safety of the stage electric hoist and ensure a safer construction process.