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How to effectively prevent oil wire rope from getting out of the groove

  • 2023-11-16

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Someone asked what to do when the oil wire rope type stage electric hoist is in use and the oil wire rope is out of groove. Today, Komei will talk to you about this issue.

The small malfunction often encountered in the use of oil wire rope type stage electric hoists is that the rope is out of groove, resulting in disordered rope and other phenomena. However, so far, in order to avoid such problems and faults, most methods used are to install limit devices. The oil wire rope anti groove limit devices of stage electric hoists are installed on the lifting hoist, and the fixed plates are respectively connected to the side plates of the electric hoist drum; The two ends of the roller and roller shaped structure are connected to the fixed plate through a connecting rod, opposite the drum and against the oil wire rope of the drum; One end of the spring is respectively connected to the two connecting rods, and the other end is fixed on the fixed plate;

The working contacts of the limit switch are respectively fixed on the fixed plate, corresponding to the two connecting rods, and connected to the electric hoist control circuit through wires. They are connected in series to the rising and falling contactor circuits in the electric hoist control circuit, and the power supply of the control circuit is disconnected or closed. This utility model sets a limit switch for the operation of the oil wire rope, in order to control the lifting motor of the electric hoist, and prevent the electric hoist from starting the lifting motor due to the hook head lifting, and the oil wire rope not being subjected to force.