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How to clean the storage chain bag of the stage electric hoist

  • 2023-12-12

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How to clean the storage chain bag of the stage electric hoist

The stage electric hoist is a lifting tool used in stage construction and stage design. It is equipped with a chain storage bag, which can help us easily store the chain of the hoist.

After long-term use, a lot of dust and stains will accumulate inside the storage chain bag, and the grease on the chain will remain inside the storage chain bag. Over time, bacteria and microorganisms will breed, causing damage to the chain. At this point, we need to clean the inside of the storage chain bag, so how do we clean the storage chain bag? The storage chain bag is made of nylon canvas material. When cleaning, we need to first flip out the inner layer of the storage chain bag, then rinse it with clean water and use a special cleaning agent for cleaning. Due to the special matte coating on the surface, we should try to avoid affecting the coating as much as possible; After cleaning, it should be placed in a well ventilated and dry place to dry, ensuring that there is no residual moisture inside before continuing to use.

The chain storage bag of the stage electric hoist must be cleaned regularly in order to better protect our chain.