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How to choose between stage chain hoists and stage electric hoists

  • 2023-12-14

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How to choose between stage chain hoists and stage electric hoists

With the vigorous development of China's cultural and entertainment industry and the increasing pursuit of a better life by the masses, various forms of entertainment and activities are becoming more and more diverse. The design and construction of stages are gradually becoming larger and more complex. In order to improve the efficiency of stage construction, stage lifting hoists have emerged, which can meet the traction, lifting, and fixation of materials and equipment. Stage lifting hoists can be divided into stage chain hoists and stage electric hoists, Both have their own strengths and weaknesses in the application process, so how can one choose the one that suits oneself?

The working principles of stage chain hoists and stage electric hoists are fundamentally different. Stage chain hoists require human labor to pull the chain to drive the lifting and lowering of heavy objects, while stage electric hoists are products of technological development that use remote control devices to achieve electrically driven lifting and lowering of goods. This also leads to differences in the application scope of the two. The stage chain hoist can be used to complete stage construction in some outdoor activities, concerts, or other environments without electricity, and the application scope will be more extensive. On the other hand, the stage electric hoist can replace manual labor, making the operation more efficient and improving the efficiency of stage construction.

There is no superiority or inferiority between stage chain hoists and stage electric hoists. Customers can choose the appropriate stage lifting hoist according to their actual needs.