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How does the stage electric hoist integrate with the surrounding environment

  • 2023-12-14

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The reason why stage electric hoists are capable of stage construction work is not only because they have good portability and load capacity, but also because they can integrate well with the stage environment. So how does stage electric hoists achieve this? This mainly starts from two aspects: visual and auditory.

1. Visual aspect: The stage electric hoist is made of special materials, mostly black, which can blend well with the stage background. At the same time, it uses special coatings, which have diffuse reflection characteristics and will not affect the visual experience due to the smooth reflection of light on the surface.

2. Auditory aspect: The function of stage electric hoists is not only to simply hang and fix, but also to adjust the position of stage lights at any time. The stage electric hoists themselves have noise reduction function. During the process of chain transmission, there will be no significant noise, ensuring that the audience has a good auditory enjoyment.

It is precisely the unique design of the stage electric hoist in terms of visual and auditory aspects that enables it to integrate with the environmental atmosphere of the entire stage, thereby ensuring the perfect display of stage effects.